Government budget historical series


In this folder the files are arranged by data source, not by country or by type of government revenue or expenditure. For a good initial overview of the countries, years, and fiscal variables available in the other files of this folder, begin by consulting the fiscal history data finder.

The data files currently downloadable are:
British Empire revenues (Frankema)
Europe expenditure series (Flora)
Europe revenue series (Flora)
Europe fiscal series (Mitchell)
France public education expenditures 1820-1996
IHS N. America
IHS S. America
Japan government expenditures 1868-1940
Portugal public education expenditures 1852-1995
Social transfers as a share of GDP, 21 countries, 1880-1930 (Lindert)
Spain public education expenditures 1850-1965
United Kingdom education expenditures 1833-1997
Latin American fiscal redistribution (Arroyo Abad and Lindert)

Go to European State Finance Database to download many series, including these for Iberia and Latin America:

Data contributed by Dr José Ignacio Andrés Ucendo and Dr Ramón Lanza García on Spanish crown finance
Data supplied by Dr Antonio Castro Henriques on Royal Finances of the kingdom of Portugal
Data supplied by Prof José Luís Cardoso and Prof Pedro Lains on Portuguese public finance in "Paying for the Liberal State: the rise of Public Finance in Nineteenth century Europe" (CUP, 2010)
Data contributed by Professor Herbert Klein from the Colegio de Mexico's group on the finances of New Spain, 1590-1810
Revenue and expenditure of the Mexico treasury, 1576-1816 (Chiefly Klein & TePaske)


Latin American fiscal redistribution

When using these data please cite:
Arroyo Abad, L. and P. Lindert. "Fiscal Redistribution in the Americas since the Mid-Nineteenth Century" in Latin American Inequality in the Long Run, edited by L. Bertola and J. Williamson, forthcoming.
Argentina fiscal incidence 1870-2009
Chile quintile effects 1842-2013
Colombia central gov’t budgets 1901-2013
Costa Rica fiscal 1870-2013
Peru gov’t budgets 1900-2013
Uruguay quintile fiscal effects 1910-2008